5 Reasons to Flip the Bird and Move On

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a teacher going through a tough time.

Just the other day I wrote this email to my union rep:

In regards to a liaison concern:

Having teachers in meetings where they indicate to the principal that they are being bullied by a parent and the principal still continues to have a meeting where the parent is allowed to berate and bully the teacher.     Talk to Kim for more information

What I just went through was a clear indicator that Mr. Principal does not trust me as a professional and does not back me.  If he did, I would have never had to sit through a meeting where a parent (In front of the student) called me a liar, unfair, vindictive…and so much more.   She passively aggressively continued to berate me and it was allowed to continue.   (I hung up on this mother last year due to her shouting an swearing at me on the phone and she has a bias on me now)
The meeting was suppose to be about a student and his grades.
The meeting, instead, was allowed to continue where the parent made several implications and inferences that I had something against her and other students, that I am not a good teacher because I fail to recognize work done by student papers with no name, that I should be aware of all students who don’t turn things in and be asking them to turn in, that I have no respect for her (this was being loudly…if not shouted at me),  continually interrupting me, comparing me to other teachers, comparing me to her as a nurse, that other parents dislike me, that she has no respect for me for hanging up on her last year, that I have something against her kid last year, her other son and her other son, she told me what my grades were, she stated that MR. Principal should look up the grades and prove I’m a liar (not going to happen since I’m not)…she asked me how many kids in my class have A’s, she asked me to see the list of the grades (all while speaking to me in a demeaning tone)…questioning why I’m not insisting that all kids do A work and saying things like: “What kind of teacher wouldn’t know what her studen’ts work is?”  ….etc..etc… …the list goes on and on and on.  She dictated that the student is NEVER in my class again.   What’s messed up is that the student and I have no problem with one another.  He’s a good kid…just not and “A” student which is what the meeting was about.
I would say…it’s completely unprofessional to allow a teacher to be berated by a parent like this, let alone in front of the student (whom the teacher and student had a good relationship).
This is exactly what I emailed him regarding this parent: ” I will be available during my planning, if needed, for a meeting.
I would like you to see the painting as an example of his work alongside an A project. I will drop it off to Tracy right now.
I feel as though this parent is being allowed to bully me and taking up my time because of a bias opinion.”
We need a process for teacher’s who know the parent is bullying them.  I sent an email prior to the meeting  and it was still allowed to happen AND the parent held up their end of the bargain….they most certainly were a bully and I can not express enough how unprofessionally it was handled.
I wanted to leave but I didn’t want to “get in trouble”.  Teachers should NOT be put in these situations and if the situations do occur,the teacher should be excused from the irate and irrational parent.  I guarantee you Sheri heard this parent yelling.
Also…..Can you please look into having other teachers present in a meeting where a teacher don’t feel comfortable and yet the principal still thinks it ok?  If he doesn’t protect me from this type of stuff (in particular when I alerted him to it), then how can I expect to ever go into a meeting again?
I will risk my job by REFUSING to attend a meeting, before I ever go into a meeting with a parent that has already berated me on the phone and has shown aggression in her voicemails to both myself and to the principal.
Please give teachers a process to follow when they feel threatened or verbally abused by a parent.   This meeting was allowed to happen and nothing but proved that the mother, did in fact, come in just to yell and berate me.  It was VERY clear.
To say I’m frustrated is an understatement.
I’m not looking for retribution or anything like that, but I would be extremely grateful if you could develop something for the future for myself and for future teachers.
No professional or adult should ever have to go through what I did today.  In the “real world” I would have walked away from someone like this but feeling the pressure of Obedience because I do try to do a good job and want to do what’s right kept me in that room.  Shame on me for not leaving.  Shame on Mr. Principal for not stopping it by preventing it.”
So that’s reason number 1.  Do you really need 5 more?

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