5 ways to start your classes out on a good note

Part of teaching is getting your students excited to learn.

Because I am absolutely convinced that teaching is a sales job, you need to understand that how you open and close your pitch is probably one of the most important times in the classroom.

So how do you open your sales pitch to start the selling out right?

Here are 5 ways to capture your student’s attention and get them excited about showing up to your class each day!

1. Show them something you love and admire from kids their age.  Kids are not always getting the best influences out there when they leave the school grounds.  And quite frankly, there may be some bad things they learn in school too.  Use the time at the beginning of class not only to get their attention but to build a little bit of character too.  Show your kids something that you are personally passionate about and let them see you enjoy and love something healthy for them. Make it something that you can follow up with a statement like this: “It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it huh?”   Inspire your students to do their best by showing them examples of others their age kicking butt in the world.

Here is an example of something I absolutely love and it takes less than 5 minutes of your class time to share and infuse some good character building in the minds of your students.

This shows a very positive father and daughter relationship and you can talk about how she learned to beat box when she went away to college and then in healthy competition, her father and her battled it out.

This is one of my most favorite things to show.

2. Show them a quality moral or ethical lesson.   Believe it or not morals have to be taught and the more years I teach, the more I find out that we are lacking in that arena as a nation.

Just take a look at the local newscast anywhere in the nation and take note of how many horrid things are reported versus the ones that emit happiness and joy and show us the positive aspects of our humanity.

You become what you surround yourself with and TV is no different. Show your students positive things and maybe you can help balance the things they may see at home, in the news or within their neighborhood.

Check out this little gem:

3. Puzzle Them.  Ask them what they think about something strange you found.  Just like most people, students thrive when they can help you solve a problem and opening the door to something that doesn’t really have a right answer makes it safer for them to participate.

A clip like this will grab attention and help get your students to participate which will ultimately lead to more participation in your classroom.

Notice how the sound travels from one speaker to the next.  Use that as another opportunity to question and test their observation skills.

Obviously, you would not listen for 20 minutes and most students will beg you to stop this…but have a clever sag-way into your lesson just in case they beg to keep watching.

4. Get Them Hyped Up. This is a daring move for any teacher, but it can be valuable if you are teaching a tougher subject because you are going to need all the alertness you can get.

Some kids work best with their heart rate up and their eyes popped open.

Why not get them a little riled up with something like this:

Happiness can do wonders for a classroom. Just make sure you have a great activity to keep their eyes and ears on what you want to do next.

5.  Share Classic Life Lessons.  This is a great one that I like to use at the end of classes if there is time, however it can be used in the beginning of classes as well to get their attention.

Life Lessons touch students in the middle and high school years deeply and offering them great lessons can help them more than you know.

Offer them life skills and feel good videos to help give them hope and guidance as they grow into the next generation to take over our country.

Here’s a great one:


I hope these ideas help you!  Keep your chin up.

You are doing magical things in your classroom!

Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire them to be millionaire mentors one day!

Much love.

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