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In the big bad world of technology these days, a teacher can get lost.

As a Biology Teacher in Pennsylvania for over 10 years, I have learned how to utilize a few stronghold pieces of technology to help me work more wisely in the classroom and to streamline technology as a tool in the 21st century.

For years, no technology was accepted but as we get more and more into the digital era and the parents of our students now are the ones who may have first used email or grew up on computers, it is important that we meet their expectations in helping their kids know how to properly use technology to learn and not just to play video games.

The sad truth is, is that our society is using technology for EVERYTHING. The reason I say sad?

Social Impairment.

I wonder if there is a correlation between Autism and Technology.

Think about it.

A social disorder (I’m thinking more Asperger’s here) and a kid who is constantly on a piece of technology in the car, while walking, at dinner, in the waiting line, in the elevator, up the escalator, in the stroller, at the doctor’s office…..on and on.

How do we expect our children to learn how to socialize (especially if they have a disorder) if we continually allow them to have their faces shoved in a piece of technology?

We shouldn’t expect it. ¬†We SHOULD expect that they will be more socially awkward….just like if we let a kid sit in a room full of junk food all their life we would expect them to be overweight.

So…this blog will talk about technology for teachers and occasionally precautions of too much technology in the classroom.

So many teachers are now teaching to the test does it matter if technology is involved any more?

The answer is yet to come.


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