Teaching Technology…Back on Track

#22 Best teaching technology you’ve ever seen

Education changes every day and sometimes it feels that it changes every minute. We have

come so far from the times of writing everything on a chalk board for the students to see,

running a ditto machine when we needed to make copies and trying to thread the 8mm movie

projector so we could show a film. As technology advances in the world that we live in, so, too,

does the technology in our schools. In order to meet the demand of the students and keep

them up to date with the rest of the world, school systems must constantly update how they

present the material. New systems are introduced and by the time that the educator feels

comfortable using the new equipment, it has already been outdated with something that has

been deemed “better”. One of my favorite teaching aides is the “Smart Board”. Wikipedia

defines the Smart Board as “an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input

in the same way as normal PC devices”. Basically, you can hook your PC up to a Smart Board

and make everything that you are able to pull up on the computer visible to the class. Because

of the touch screen, you have the ability to move things around and change things with your

fingertips. Colored pens are also a part of the Smart Board technology which allows the user to

distinguish and highlight certain things on the board for emphasis. Videos and movies can easily

be shown to the class without having to request additional projectors or screens. In a nutshell,

this is one advancement that has made classroom living a lot easier.

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